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Our Methodology


Computers and Information Technology & Computer science activities have always been at the heart of our core activities, from the creation of the school. From the very beginning the mission has been to favour real learning and personal fulfillment, all the while avoiding the gadget side of computer science (sterile games, using office suites without understanding how it works, internet surfing with no purpose, etc.).

This can be possible only if the child learns how to analyse his approach and has confidence in himself. When it comes to school-like competences, I couldn’t name them all here, they are too numerous; whether it be in mathematics (structuring space and its components, calculation, establishing logical links and measurements…), in communication skills, in artistic development, and in general awakening, the child is the unmistakable beneficiary. Here are some examples :
Intuitive and experimental knowledge of the notion of angles.


  • Understanding the coordinates of a point in space

  • Constructing polygones

  • Basic mathematic operations

  • Concrete use of integrals

  • Logical operators (if, otherwise, and, or, then…)

  • Reading, writing, listening and expressing oneself. Concepts of time, rhythm, notes and color.


Through various software the child familiarises himself with the logic programming and the use of the computer as a tool. Of course everything we’ve mentioned happens through the machine, which is not endowed with intelligence, its only faculties being to store and restitute information. The child’s perception of computer science will evolve, as he understands the general workings of a computer.

Enriched by this experience, he can discover more and deepen his knowledge of the programe, juggle abstract notionsask for help and exchange ideas,
Bravo to the children who persevere, let us not forget the fun in this at all ages.

Programming: Initiation and Improvement


But programming what and what for?
The first motivation for programming is to have fun by creating a software that can be shown like an artist shows his work, a filmmaker his movie, a writer his book… This software can be a utilitarian program, a game, or a multimedia montage…

Numerous subjects and a variety of themes.

We have noticed that our young authors have a vivid imagination. A teenager interested in Chinese cuisine has created his own cooking software and a ten-year-old boy has developed a multimedia software on prestige cars. A young lady created one on mountains, its flora and fauna. James Bond, Celine Dion, Philippe Geluck have all been topics of projects by fans. Horses, dogs, cats are some of the other stars. Some authors have also programmed lottery games, slot machines, hangmen, and other games of logic.

The method.
During camp, the project is usually about developing a multimedia montage, which allows a gentle approach to programming. First, the subject needs to be determined: get informed, research documentation, find websites about it, bring a personal touch… Second, write a script. And then comes the programming. We will build different screens with images and text, we could also add sounds, music and videos. A project that spans the entire year has time to mature. It can become very ambitious with will and effort.


The possibilities are infinite: the computer is everywhere and allows to accomplish anything in audiovisual and mathematics. As the weeks go by, the fun grows, and the students feel powerful and master better and better the machine and the codes to run it. No matter his level, the student will always progress, correct bugs, manipulate the operating system (Windows for example), use all basic functions and communicate, and thus bloom!


Internet and creation of web sites
The execution of a web site or of a part of it offers many possibilities to use the required tools, whether it is a publishing software, graphics creation or animation.

Some become experts in graphic design, others create animations as advanced as the advertising banners all over the web, or can even program a secure interface for their page. Creativity and rigor will bring such pride that all that will be left is to show off the results on the web!

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